*NOT* Coming to the Chicago Theatre! Exorbitant Costs Cause Venue Change for People’s Republic of Edward Snowden!

The People's Republic of Edward Snowden - Coming to Chicago this November!

Ah, the fluid, ever-changing universe!

The People’s Republic of Edward Snowden will not be rocking the Chicago Theatre after all! Instead the show’s November 15 performance will be at the Berger Park Cultural Center! (And the shows at Prop Thtr on Nov 7 & 14 are unchanged!)

It seems that the New York owners of the Chicago Theatre stepped in at the last minute to lay some outrageous and excessive costs on this small production, so there’s been a change of plans!

Upholding his dedication to affordable ticket prices, Turck has declined the contract offered by the Chicago Theatre, which boasted previously undisclosed costs including such items as $4,000 for stagehands (to support the production’s three actors) and $600 for Bomb Detection Dogs.

“There was a $1,080 charge to load the play in and load it out of the theater,” said Turck. “I guess that meant the Chicago Theatre would have been physically carrying my cast, directors, stage manager and me into and out of the show, a la Lady Gaga!”

Rather than pass those costs on to the audience, Turck has instead chosen to hold the final performance of The People’s Republic of Edward Snowden at Edgewater’s historic icon, the Berger Park Mansion. There will also now be a post-show discussion and meet & greet with complimentary hors d’oeuvres and refreshments.


The People’s Republic of Edward Snowden

The man responsible for one of the biggest intelligence leaks in US history is talking again, but this time he’s telling his own story. In this satirical triumph by local activist W.C. Turck, Edward Snowden emerges from his undisclosed location to hold a very personal press conference on what brought him to expose the dirtiest secrets of our National Security Agency. With a razor wit, Snowden reflects on his journey, his new home in lovely Russia, and the comfort he takes in our government’s promise not to torture or execute him.

With a directing team plucked from political sketch comedy company Democracy Burlesque, The People’s Republic of Edward Snowden takes an irreverent, poignant look at freedom and privacy in our time. Is Snowden a traitor? A hero? Could this be “the Most Dangerous Play in America?” You decide.

The People’s Republic of Edward Snowden is directed by Celia Forrest and Erik Parsons, and stars Nick Haugland, Catherine Povinelli and Arne Saupe.

Thursdays, November 7 and 14 at 8:00pm.
Prop Thtr, 3502-04 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60618.
$10 tickets are available at RepublicofSnowden.com.‎

Friday, November 15 at 7:30pm.
The Berger Park Mansion, 6205 N Sheridan Rd (2 blocks from the Granville Red Line station), Chicago, IL 60660.
$20 tickets are available at RepublicofSnowden.com.‎

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