A Klingon Christmas Carol… REINVENTED!

A Klingon Christmas Carol reinvents itself for 2013!

Friends, in case you didn’t know, Commedia Beauregard is a small professional theatre company that recently became a resident company at the Raven Theatre Complex. They’ve been around since 1999 (starting in Minneapolis/Saint Paul) and have put up 30 productions over the last 14 years. Their specialty is translation: translation from other languages into English, translation of other art forms to the stage, etc. And once a year they translate Dickens into Klingon.

Their holiday hit A Klingon Christmas Carol has all the elements of the Dickens classic but adapted to the Klingon warrior culture and  meticulously translated into tlhIngan Hol (that’s Klingon for Klingon). It is a terrific show that far more earnest and heartwarming that you would expect from something so silly. You don’t even have to love Star Trek to get this show and have a blast. And if you do love Star Trek, well, you can only imagine the nerd heaven you’ll ascend to!

This year, CB is totally overhauling the show and they need your help!

The goal this year is to make the show unlike it has ever been before: A new multi-level set, new costumes that blend Victorian England with Klingon aesthetics (think steam-punk-Klingon), a new much smaller venue that creates an up-close intimate experience, new fights, new sound-scape… everything is being redone from the ground up.

Check out their Indiegogo campaign and make a donation to support a bigger, meaner Klingon Christmas Carol this year!


tlhIngan maH!


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