Creator of Klingon Language to Attend A Klingon Christmas Carol!

A Klingon Christmas Carol - Kevin Alves as SQuja'

The latest Klingon news! Dr. Marc Okrand, the creator of the Klingon Language, will be flying to Chicago to once again see A Klingon Christmas Carol (now playing at Raven Theatre).

Dr. Marc Okrand - courtesy Wikipedia - public domainDr. Okrand, a renowned philologist, is recognized for his work with Native American languages, as well as his work with the first closed-captioning system for hearing-impaired viewers. He was hired by Paramount Pictures to develop tlhIngan Hol (Klingon) as a fully functional language. Since then, the Klingon language has become an integral part of the Star Trek universe. It has been featured in the various Star Trek television series, in several movies, as well as in numerous novels associated with the franchise. Dr. Okrand has also written a Klingon dictionary, and other books about the Klingon language and Klingon culture.

Some vocabulary created by Dr. Okrand has been used for the first time ever in A Klingon Christmas Carol. Scenes added for the Chicago production in 2010 required the addition of new words to the Klingon lexicon. Dr. Okrand specifically created these new words for use in the show.


A Klingon Christmas Carol

In Commedia Beauregard’s hilarious yet heart-warming melding of Charles Dickens’ morality tale with the Klingon language and culture, SQuja’ (Scrooge) has neither honor nor courage and is in peril of suffering eternal torment if he is not brought into line with his culture’s values. He is aided by visits from three spirits who work to guide him to fulfill his true potential and save Tiny Tim from a horrible fate.

Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday through December 30, 2012.

Raven Theatre, 6157 N Clark St (at Granville Ave), Chicago, IL 60660.

$20-28 tickets are available at 800.838.3006 or


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