Master Magician Luis Carreon Plays Bughouse Theater

Special performance: Saturday, September 22 @ 8PM 

After wowing the folks at Bughouse with a brief appearance earlier this month, Luis Carreon is returning with the whole shebang this Saturday.  His solo show, Bending Minds and Bending Dreams, is an evening of hip, modern magic and mentalism guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.  Luis performs classic close-up parlor magic with a fresh twist, as well as his own original illusions with intense, dramatic elements and a penchant for the bizarre.  And I do mean intense, dramatic elements.  Luis’ big finale at last month’s Mary’s Attic show had me ready to call 911.

What’s Luis been up to since then?  Oh, just flying back and forth to LA to appear on national television as he competes on on Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento, EstrellaTV’s Spanish equivalent of America’s Got Talent.  And of course putting in his time being the head demonstrator at Chicago’s own Magic Inc, the oldest family-owned magic shop in the country.

Where’s Bughouse Theater?  What’s Bughouse Theater?  If you haven’t been, Bughouse is smack dab in the heart of Northcenter, just west of Irving/Damen/Lincoln.  It’s not a normal theater exactly either.  It’s a non-profit private membership club which holds members-only events.  Meaning when a first time visitor arrives, they pays $10 to become a new member of this private club and attend their first members-only Bughouse event.  Ah, technicalities.

And in case you didn’t make the connection, the name “Bughouse” is taken from Chicago’s Bughouse Square, a gathering place for orators, free speech advocates and rabble rousers of old. “Bughouse” was slang for mental institution, and seemed to fit the cast of characters that frequented the square. It is in the spirit of that place that this collection of artists, actors, writers, and filmmakers decided to create a new venue for themselves and their community. And Bughouse Theater was born.

My recommendation?  Go see an amazing show in an exciting new venue this Saturday.

Bending Minds and Bending Dreams
Saturday, September 22 @ 8PM.
Bughouse Theater, 2054 W Irving Park Rd, (just west of Damen Ave),Chicago.
$10 at the door.

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