Attendance is Mandatory at Lisa Linke's New Variety Show, Summer’s Cool!

Flunk a class?  Summer school isn’t so bad when it’s taught by the twisted characters of improviser Lisa Linke. The versatile and hilarious Linke has gathered a load of talent together for her brand new variety show, and in addition to being really good, it’s also the recession-friendly night out to recommend, thanks to an insanely reasonable $5 ticket price and the Spot’s half price dining special!

Each week Linke hosts Summer’s Cool as a different teacher persona and introduces the class to an assortment of guest “instructors” to entertain and educate.  Each show boasts 3 guest acts and Linke has hand-picked some of the best local talent, including the stand-up of Cameron Esposito, the magic of Richard Awesome, the sketch comedy of Kerpatty!, the improvisation of Nose Complaint, and more!   Every show is entirely unique and you never know who Linke will be next:  Mr. Wallace, the PE teacher who has to sub into teach Physics; Miss Trust, the overly-sexed English teacher; or Señora McDuffy, just your average Chicago Irish Spanish teacher.

“I wanted to do this show because I have a broad range of friends doing everything from cabaret, to stand up, to sketch and improv, and things in between,” explained Linke. “Plus, I wanted a place to showcase the characters I’d been working on, and most of them were teachers, instructors. It seemed like a perfect fit to have this captive audience ready to watch – like they were a summer school class.”

“I hand-picked the acts – two person improv, stand up from people I know and love, sketch from super smart people and even magic from two guys who make you laugh,” said Linke. “I would want to watch them, so I know the entire show will be great!”

At $5 a ticket, how could this be a more affordable evening?  By enjoying 1/2 OFF an excellent dinner at the venue before the show.  The Spot offers 1/2 off all food items every Sunday after 6PM and their kitchen is open until midnight.  Get their fabulous prime rib for under $10, devour their award-winning bourbon glazed salmon for less than $8, and get their mouthwatering Killer Burger for only $5!

Sketch, stand-up, improv, music, magic… all the cool kids end up at
Summer’s Cool!

Sundays @ 9pm
August 7 – September 4

The Spot,
4437 N Broadway (1/2 block north of Montrose Ave)

$5 tickets are available at the door.

For more information, visit or call 773.728.8934.

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